7th Grade Life Science

Welcome to Seventh Grade Life Science. Fasten your seat belt and hold on tight as we learn about the world’s magnificent living things. You’ll gasp! You’ll stare in amazement! You’ll laugh! You’ll clamor for more!

Well, maybe  not exactly, but you will learn a lot of very cool stuff and have fun doing it. You’ll be a pro when you’re done. We’ll learn strange facts about the first cells on Earth and today’s modern cells. We’ll examine theories of evolution and how all organisms are related to each other (did you know human embryos share a lot of common characteristics with chicken embryos?). We’ll look at tiny creatures under a microscope (is all that stuff really in that pond?). We’ll discover some of  the things plants try to hide from you.  You’ll learn so much your brain might explode.

Are you ready to explore?  Then enter with an open mind (and a pencil).